Our Brands


Audio-Technica Corporation, is a Japanese company that designs and manufactures professional wired and wireless microphones, headphones, phonographic magnetic cartridges, and other audio equipment.


FiiO designs, produces and sells high-quality products at favorable prices to those who love music and style. Several products from FiiO have created record sales in their respective product segments; our portable headphone amplifiers, DACs and high-resolution digital audio players have all received praise from the majority of users.


Mad Catz Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality gaming accessories including headsets and audio, controllers, keyboards, mice, and licensed products for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC, Mac, PSP Vita and mobile devices.


TRITTON Audio produces award-winning gaming headsets and headphones for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Wii U gaming consoles, PC and Mac, mobile devices, and more.


Saitek is the worldwide leader in flight simulation hardware. From yokes and flight sticks to specialized instrument panels, Saitek carries every product for aspiring pilots. Saitek flight sim controllers bring you closer to reality.


MPOW specialises in innovative consumer electronics and accessories such as wireless audio and mobile accessories. Every product from MPOW has been created with one consistent mission – ‘Match your smart life’. Over these years, MPOW has grown into one of the world’s biggest online brand in the field of consumer electronics, with almost 70 million sales volumes per year. We truly believe that only those products that can fully meet the needs and help to find the needs of the clients’ products are good products. That is also what we will continue to do in the future.

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